1.1.1. Specifications

Standard plate
The standard plate is established on a frame of the right forward door.

Specifications are determined by norms of the EU. The data provided in technical data sheet of the car always have a priority before data in the maintenance instruction.

In other execution the standard plate is established on a cap of the right shock-absorber in motor office.

Data on the standard plate: 1 – manufacturer; 2 – number of permission; 3 – identification number of the car; 4 – admissible lump; 5 – admissible lump of the trailer; 6 – the maximum permissible load on a forward axis; 7 – the maximum permissible load on a back axis; 8 – individual data of the car or data specific to the country

Identification data of the car
Identification number of the car is beaten out on the standard plate and on a car floor on the right side under a cover between a forward door and sitting.
In other models identification number of the car can be also specified on a guard of devices.

Number of the engine
Designation and number of the engine are beaten out on the left side of the engine, on a case.