1.1.3. Fuelling

At the treatment of fuel be careful.

Before gas station surely switch off the engine and, if necessary, also additional heaters with combustion chambers (it is specified on a sticker on a cover of the fuel tank). Switch off mobile phones.
Fuel easily ignites and can explode. At the treatment of fuel do not allow existence nearby of an open flame or formation of sparks. You do not smoke. It belongs as well to those places where availability of fuel is noticeable only by its characteristic smell. At emergence of a smell of fuel in salon it is necessary to remove the cause of its emergence immediately. It is recommended to address on the station of technical tinning.
The filling mouth is located on the right side of the car behind.
On the Corsa cars with the central locking device the filling hatch opens together with doors.
Open the filling hatch. On the Combo car at the open filling hatch in order to avoid damage it is not necessary to open the right sliding door completely.
To open a cover of the fuel tank, it is necessary to unlock it the ignition key, to turn off and hang up on the filling hatch.
The fuel tank has the filling limiter preventing overflow of a tank.
Correctness of gas station is defined by the correct handling of the filling gun.
Insert the filling gun against the stop and turn on it.
After automatic shutdown execute the repeated dosed refueling to the nominal capacity of the fuel tank. At the same time it is necessary to leave the filling gun inserted against the stop.
To close a cover of the fuel tank, establish it into place and turn, overcoming resistance, before notable click of a clamp. Lock a cover of the fuel tank the ignition key.
Close the filling hatch.
Immediately wipe the poured fuel.