1.2.5. The centralized locking of a luggage carrier

It is impossible to include or switch off the central locking device and the anti-theft device of locking of doors by means of the lock of a luggage carrier.
The unlocked luggage carrier opens pressing of the button.
Horizontal position a vent in the lock: the luggage carrier is locked and opens by means of the central locking device.
If the key turns in horizontal position only after unlocking of the central locking device, the luggage carrier remains locked.
Vertical position a vent in the lock the Luggage carrier remains locked even when unlocking the central locking device. This situation should be chosen if the luggage carrier has to remain constantly locked. Turn a key, overcoming resistance, against the stop to the left.

Unlocking of a luggage carrier at centrally the locked doors
Turn a key from vertical or horizontal position through resistance point to the right against the stop. For protection against locking the key in this situation cannot be taken out.
After closing of a luggage carrier and turn of a key back in horizontal or vertical position the luggage carrier is again locked.
At horizontal position of a kpyuch the luggage carrier opens only after the following unlocking of the central locking device.