1.2.6. Oar doors (Combo)

Open right doors outside, having pulled for the door handle, or from within, having pressed the handle.
Unlock the left door pressing the handle from within.
Doors are fixed in situation at an angle 90 °. to close a door, it is necessary to press it with small effort.
Both doors can open on a corner to 180 °: for this purpose slightly cover a door from situation 90 °, wring out a clamp bracket from a guide and completely open a door.
When opening doors on a corner to 180 ° back external lighting is blocked therefore in the dark doors should be opened only before click of a clamp.
When closing you watch that the clamp bracket correctly slid on a guide.

For closing of a luggage carrier on inside of a back door there is a handle.

Installation of the equipment increases its weight by doors of a back. As a result, with an excessive weight the back door does not keep in open situation any more.
The registration plate on the Combo models is visible only at the closed back or oar doors therefore driving with the opened back or oar doors is not allowed.
It is not necessary to go with an open luggage carrier, for example, in transit of large-size freights as toxic exhaust gases can get into salon.