1.2.8. Cowl

Pull the handle of unlocking of a cowl from the driver under a guard of devices. The cowl opens and is slightly slightly opened. Press the handle in a starting position.
Approximately at palm distance to the right of the center of a cowl – if to look in front – from the lower party of a cowl there is a lock hook: pull and open a cowl.

The dirt or snow which are on a cowl when opening can fall to a windshield and litter an air inlet.

For fixing of a cowl in open situation insert the support located across a radiator into a longitudinal groove with нижньй the parties of a cowl.
Before closing densely press a support in the holder. Let's fall to a cowl to the lock.
Check fixing of a cowl, having pulled it for a first line. If the cowl is not recorded, repeat the previous operation.