1.3. Governing bodies, combination of devices, light and sound alarm system

Light and sound signaling devices
Information display
Understeering switches
Emergency light signal
Giving of a sound signal
Screen wipers
Turning on of the device of washing of glasses and headlights
Management of a screen wiper of back glass and device of washing of back glass
Management of informatsionnorazvlekatelny system
Active head restraints
Parking pilot
"ECO Service-Flex"
The socket for additional accessories
Forward ware box
Compartment for points
The holder for small objects
Sun-protection peaks
External rear-view mirrors
Automatically darkened internal mirror

Controls of the Opel Corsa car: 1 – light switch; 2 – side nozzles of an obduv; 3 – indexes of turn, light signal, near and far light; 4 – sound signal; 5 – the device of remote control for information and entertaining system; 6 – devices; 7 – screen wipers, device of washing of glasses, device of washing of headlights and device of washing of back glass; 8 – average nozzles of an obduv; 9 – display of indications of time, date, external temperature, information and entertaining system; 10 – emergency light signal, light-emitting diode of the device of the anticreeping alarm system; 11 – information and entertaining system; 12 – airbag of safety of the forward passenger; 13 – forward ware box; 14 – heating system and ventilation; 15 – conditioner; 16 – ashtrays; 17 – the socket for accessories and the lighter; 18 – heating of seats; 19 – accelerator pedal; 20 – brake pedal; 21 – the ignition lock with blocking of a steering wheel; 22 – adjustment of provision of a steering wheel; 23 – coupling pedal; 24 – handle of unlocking of a cowl; 25 – adjustment of a tilt angle of headlights