1.4.2. Head restraints

For removal of a head restraint unblock both lock springs by means of pressing, take out a head restraint.

The back average head restraint on the Combo car is not removed.

Back head restraints (Corsa)
For improvement of the review at unoccupied back seats completely lower a head restraint down, having pressed springs of clamps for unblocking.
At the taken places of a back seat establish head restraints according to growth of the passenger.
For expansion of space of a luggage carrier dismantle back head restraints, for this purpose press springs of both clamps for unblocking and take out head restraints.

Back average head restraint (Combo)
For improvement of the review at the unoccupied average place of a seat or to put forward backs of a back seat, completely move a head restraint for what unblock lock springs by pressing.
At the taken average place of a seat record a head restraint in the first or second situation depending on build of the passenger.