2.10.1. Removal and installation of fuel nozzles

It is important to maintain extreme purity during the work with fuel system as even tiny particles of dirt can lead to abnormal work of system or the engine. Unions of fuel system have to be closed by suitable caps (according to the catalog of details Opel number 45 06 154/number of a detail: 9201697). The condensing caps – one-time application.

Open a cowl.
Disconnect the rechargeable battery.
Disconnect the grounding connector from a grounding clip, having weakened a fastening nut.
Uncover the engine.

Again attach rubber support which, perhaps, were disconnected at removal, to an engine cover.

After separation of pipelines of high pressure, close openings of a fuel nozzle and the pressure chamber with protective covers.

Remove 4 pipelines of high pressure.

At an otvorachivaniye of a lock nut, hold a nozzle an open wrench.

Turn off 8 lock nuts.
Disconnect an oil pipeline (fig. 2.268).

The oil pipeline cannot be disconnected from damping fuel return case.

Remove 4 collars (arrows in the drawing).
Remove an oil pipeline.
Remove 4 fuel nozzles, having turned off 4 nuts of fastening.

If fuel nozzles cannot be removed manually, use the special B 46786 tool together with KM-328-B.

Clear 4 casings of fuel nozzles.

To clear saddles of a fuel nozzle, establish B 47632 with rough wool in a casing of a fuel nozzle and clear a saddle of a fuel nozzle. Repeat process of cleaning with free wool.

Establish 4 fuel nozzles.
Replace 4 sealing rings.
Establish 4 fuel nozzles with an arm.

The sequence of installation – the cylinder 4, 3, 2, 1.

Tighten 4 nuts the moment of 25 N · m.
Attach an oil pipeline.
Connect 4 oil pipelines to fuel nozzles.

At an inhaling of a lock nut hold a fuel nozzle an open wrench. Delivery pipelines can only be connected only once.

Install 4 new pipelines of high pressure.
Tighten 4 lock nuts (M12) the moment of 25 N · m.
Tighten 4 lock nuts (M14) the moment of 23 N · m.
Connect the rechargeable battery.
Attach the grounding connector to a grounding clip. Tighten a nut.
Check tightness of fuel system.

Before check put on goggles and protective gloves.

Start the engine.
Establish an engine cover.
Program volatile memory.
Close a cowl.