2.10.6. Replacement of damping fuel return case

Open a cowl.
Disconnect the rechargeable battery.
Disconnect the grounding connector from a grounding clip.
Uncover the engine.
Remove the damping fuel return case.
Remove the return fuel-supply line from the special KM-796-A tool.
Remove 2 hoses.
Remove 2 collars.
Disconnect an oil pipeline.
Turn off 2 bolts (arrows in the drawing).

If the oil pipeline is disconnected from the damping case, then it has to be replaced by new.

Remove 4 oil pipelines.
Remove 4 collars (arrows in the drawing)

Establish an oil pipeline.
Connect 4 oil pipelines to fuel nozzles.
Attach the damping fuel return case.
Attach an oil pipeline.
Attach the return fuel-supply line.
Attach 2 hoses.
Establish 2 collars.
Tighten 2 bolts the moment of 9 N · m.
Establish an engine cover.
Connect the rechargeable battery.
Attach the grounding connector to a grounding clip.
Program volatile memory.
Close a cowl.