2.10.7. Replacement of the fuel level sensor

Open a cowl.
Disconnect the rechargeable battery.
Disconnect a weight clip from a weight conclusion.
Place below a container for discharge.
Dump fuel pressure, using special KM-J-34730-91 adaptation via the test channel.

Collect the following fuel in a suitable container – follow safety rules and the national legislation.

Open both back doors
Remove a many-placed unseparable seat.
Extend 2 brackets of release.
Remove from an arm in the direction of arrows in 2 places.
Take out a many-placed unseparable seat from the car.
Bend a noise isolation and open a cover.
Disconnect the socket of a plait of wires.
Mark fuel-supply lines and remove with use of the special KM-796-A tool.
Close fuel-supply lines caps of the KM special tool 807 and KM 6015.

Make sure that the KM special tool 797 properly and is reliably installed.

Weaken a lock ring of a cover using the KM special tool 797.

Rotate counterclockwise.

Accurately uncover the module up.

You watch to damaging wires and hoses.

Disconnect 2 sockets of a plait of wires from a cover.

The special KM-6391-1 tool has to be installed so that the sensor in a tank moved a vertical. Install the special tool 4 KM-6391-1 and take out the module.

Remove the module, using the KM special tool 6391.
Install the special tool of 4 KM 6391 on the module, as shown in the drawing.
Release the module pressing the special tool and remove it.
Take out the module from the fuel tank.
Remove the fuel level sensor and release holders.

Do not pull for a shaft of the fuel level sensor.

Accurately extend from a guide in the direction of an arrow.

Install the fuel level sensor.
Establish in a guide.
Install the module.
Establish in 4 latches 1.

Latches have to contact with click.

Connect 2 sockets of a plait of wires with a cover.
Close a module cover a lock disk.
Establish a cover with new laying, using the KM special tool 797.
Rotate clockwise.
Connect fuel-supply lines and connect the quick disconnect coupling.
Connect the socket of a plait of wires.
Close a cover.
Unbend a noise isolation aside.
Establish a back many-placed unseparable seat.
Fix 2 clips.
Press down and block on the place.
Close both back doors.
Connect the rechargeable battery.
Connect a weight clip to a weight conclusion.
Program volatile memory.
Close a cowl.