2.5.2. Replacement of the fuel filter (petrol engines)

Remove an air duct guard from the bottom of a body of Century.
Release the fuel filter in the holder.
Remove a bolt 1.

In drawings the model Combo option (F06, F25) is shown.

Install a head of the special tool 1 on the fuel filter 2.
The carving union 3 specifies down.
Press all surface of rubber consolidation (shooter) the case of the fuel filter.
Adjust as appropriate a coupler.
Tighten it a tightening bracket.
Install a vessel for collecting fuel 3 on a head of the special tool 1.

The fuel filter is under pressure. Check the special tool for landing durability.

Fix a vessel for collecting fuel on a carving branch pipe and to tighten.

The built-in drill bores through the case of the fuel filter. The following fuel flows down in a reception vessel.

Blow the fuel filter.

Observe the set sequence.

By means of the pincers 5 attached to the special tool make wider opening (shooter) above.
Remove from the fuel filter and cork 2 fuel-supply lines (2, 4).

Remove fuel-supply lines only when fuel is not produced from the fuel filter any more.

Dismantle by means of KM-796-A adaptation from quick disconnect connection.
Cork a fuel-supply line by means of KM-807 adaptation.
When the fuel filter is emptied, remove the special tool.
Remove a reception vessel.
Remove a head of the special tool – weaken a tension collar.
Remove the fuel filter.

Insert 2 new connecting clips 1 into the plug of a high-speed lock of a fuel-supply line 2.
Insert the new fuel filter.
Insert in front in the holder.

Observe the throughput direction.

Connect 2 fuel-supply lines (4, 5) to the fuel filter.
Snimitespetsialny KM-807 adaptation.
Connect 2 fuel-supply lines by means of a high-speed lock to the fuel filter.
Carry out test on stretching.

Make sure that high-speed locks were correctly recorded.

Fix the fuel filter in the holder.
Establish a bolt 3 and tighten its moment 4 N · m.
Establish an air duct guard on the body bottom.

For model option of "ECO"
At the working engine check 2 high-speed locks of a fuel-supply line in the fuel filter for tightness.