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2.7.2. Replacement of a back epiploon of a bent shaft

Remove a flywheel.
Remove a plastic ring the screw-driver.

Removal of a plastic ring: 1 – plastic ring; 2 – screw-driver

Make openings in the areas shown in the drawing in provisions: 5 h and 7 h as it is the only areas where behind a sealing ring there are cavities.

Use the suitable tool, like a pricker to make an opening in a sealing ring

Places for making of openings: 1 – places for openings; 2 – suitable tool

Diameter of an opening should not be more than 2 mm. Otherwise, the bolt of KM adaptation 6624 will not be able to hold a ring.

Place a pricker on an outer edge of a sealing ring.
Remove a sealing ring.
Fix the KM special tool 6624 on a sealing ring.
Tighten a bolt.

Removal of an epiploon: 1 – KM special tool 6624; 2 – special KM-328-B tools and KM 6624

Attach the special KM-328-B tool to KM 6624.
Remove a sealing ring by means of the special KM-328-B tools and KM 6624.

Remove the sealant remains from connection of the block of cylinders with the oil pallet (shooters in the drawing).
Establish a new sealing ring
Shift a sealing ring on a bent shaft. Shift before full and uniform landing in the block of cylinders.

Do not press a sealing ring completely.

Establish a sealing ring by means of the KM special tool 6623.

Installation of an epiploon: 1 – KM special tool 6623; 2 – the fixing bolts; 2 – fastening bolt

Tighten 3 bolts for fixing.
Completely press a sealing ring.
Wrap a fastening bolt.
Remove the KM special tool 6623
Turn off 3 bolts for fixing.
Establish a flywheel.