2.8.3. Replacement of the conrod bearing

Remove the oil pallet.
Note an order of covers of conrod bearings.
Disconnect covers of conrod bearings from rods.

The surfaces of contact of rods and covers of conrod bearings are selected individually and therefore them it is impossible to rearrange or allow their damages. to avoid damage, do not put rods and covers on the surfaces of contact.
Pay attention to adjusting situation – inflows (shooter) on covers of conrod bearings have to be turned towards the transmission.

Turn off 8 bolts of fastening.
Clear all knots, check and replace in case of need.
Establish new inserts of conrod bearings and cover them with engine oil.
Attach covers of conrod bearings to rods.
Tighten 8 bolts of fastening the moment of 13 N · m also tighten on +60 ° and +15 °.
Use new bolts.

Always use bolts of M6,5.