3.3.6. Check of a condition of gearbox oil (AF13-II)

Check of color and smell of the automatic transmission gearbox oil gives the first idea of a condition of the automatic transmissions mechanical hubs.
The car has to settle down horizontally.
Put the parking brake in action.
The pedal of a brake has to be pressed
The engine has to work at single turns.

The gear shifting lever once is translated by all provisions from P to 1 and back on P
Kill the engine.
Merge a small amount of gearbox oil and pour it in a glass.
Check color and a smell of the merged gearbox oil.
If it has red color, without changes of color and without impurity of particles, then it is necessary to establish a cause of defect, using the guide to check for Corsa-C "Automatic 4-staged AF13-II Transmission".
When coloring in brown-black color and a burned smell of gearbox oil it is recommended to disassemble the transmission for check of obkladochny plates of the corresponding couplings C or a brake In and if it is necessary, them to replace.
At the increased content in gearbox oil of particles of metal it is recommended to replace the transmission with regenerated.
Establish on the transmission a screw cap of a drain opening for oil with a new sealing ring, the inhaling moment – 40 N · to m.
Check the level of gearbox oil, if necessary modify.