3.4.7. Dismantling of the external hinge of equal angular speeds

Note provisions of a holder and the case of the hinge. Turn a hinge nave in the case and take each ball. Stack balls as removal, for the subsequent repeated installation in initial provisions.
Turn a hinge separator so that two rectangular cracks were combined with the case, then take a separator and a holder.
Turn a holder in a separator so that one of parts of a holder entered one of rectangular cracks in a separator, turn a holder and take it.
Clear all details of the hinge and check their state. If there are wear tracks or corrosion, replace the hinge.
Put 45 grams in the hinge case, then install a separator with an internal holder in the hinge case. Consistently insert balls into a holder, and check that a holder in a separator and the case were established in a starting position (on earlier made tags). Establish a new lock ring, then press the remained half of lubricant (45 grams) into the hinge.