4.2.3. Replacement of tires

If within preparation of the car replacement of tires is necessary, it is necessary to pay attention that certain tires have a thickening for protection ободьев from light alloys from damages. When using wheel caps on steel wheels with the tires having a thickening for protection ободьев it is necessary to arrive according to the following procedures:
– to use wheel caps and tires which are allowed by Opel and conform to all requirements imposed to combinations the wheel/tire;
– if the wheel caps and tires which are not allowed by Opel are used, then on tires there should not be a thickening for protection ободьев;
– not the corresponding tires and wheel caps can lead to unexpected loss of pressure and as a result to the road accidents.

Installation of wheel caps
To establish wheel caps or plastic covers delivered in a set. At installation of a wheel cap pay attention to that the gate of the tire was installed in the opening provided for it. Press a wheel cap both hands.

Tires for the car, the alphabetic coding of speed of the tire
After size costs: "TUBELESS" for tubeless tires, "REINFORCED" or EXTRA LOAD (CXL) for the strengthened tires with the increased loading capacity, "M + S" for winter tires.
GSY – a symbol of the speed ("Speed Symbol").