4.2.5. Identification ободьев and tires


The identification code is engraved on a rim and contains important data on the rim size.

The code can have the full or reduced form (for example, 6 J 16).

Air pressure in tires, Corsa-C. year of release from 2005 to 2007
It is not allowed at a design with "the increased payload".
2) Are resolved only as winter tires.

Each tire can be identified on the basis of its designation.

Characteristics of speed

Conditional value of a permissible load on the tire

Important remarks

Designation of the tire
For car tires at a speed up to 270 miles/h in Europe there is a norm of ECE-R 30. It contains the most important characteristics of tires. Besides for North America there are additional designations.
Designation of tires, see the drawing below, a position 9: 185/60 R 14 87 T, concern the radial tire.
1 – The position of the index of wear (TWI = Tread wear indicator), height is 1,6 mm.
2 – Manufacturer.
3 – The instruction on special suitability for operation in the winter mode.
4 – Designation of the drawing of a protector.
5 – Designation for tubeless tires (Tubeless).
6 – Estimated service life according to the test of the USA (180 = 180%).
7 – Definition of efficiency of wet brakes (A, B or C) according to the test of the USA.
8 – Determination of thermal stability at higher speeds (A, B or C) according to the test of the USA.
9 – Designation of the sizes (185/60 R 14 87 T).
185 – Tire width in mm (nominal width).
60 – Ratio of height of cross section and width of the tire as a percentage.
R – Radial design.
14 – Diameter of a rim in inches ["].
87 – A symbol of a permissible load on the tire (Load Index) for 545 kg.
T – a speed Symbol for at most 190 miles/h; the additional alphabetic coding, see the publication "Air Pressure in Tires" KTA 2625/02 or TIS.
10 – Instructions on safety during the using or installation of the tire (this USA).
11 – Radial design.
12 – Quantity and material of layers in the middle of a running surface and a sidewall.
13 – Mark of conformity to norms on the European directive ECE-R 30. The sign "E4" can also demonstrate that the tire underwent certification according to the directive 92/23 of the EU, and figure "4" designates the Netherlands.
14 – Internal code of the manufacturer.
15 – The data concerning the most permissible load and the most admissible pressure of air for North America.
16 – The sign DOT according to directives of the American governing bodies of transport ("Department of Transportation" – "Department of Transport").
17 – The sign DOT for manufacturer, the size of the tire and execution of the tire.
18 – Date of production (here the 1st production week 2000). This code consists of 4 figures, two correspond to week, and two – year.
19 – Designation of the size (as position No. 9).
20 – Country manufacturer.