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5.1.2. The principle of action – EPS

The EPS control unit operates system according to the card depending on the angular speed of rotation of the pump of a hydraulic system. Speed of the car is transmitted to the EPS control unit through CAN tire.

Sensor of an angle of rotation
EPS of production of TRW which is not connected with CAN tire has no sensor of an angle of rotation. Instead information on increase in pressure in the steering mechanism which happens at turn of a steering wheel is used.
To cars with anti-blocking system of brakes ESP MK60 have the sensor of an angle of rotation in CIM. On cars with EPS ZF, information from the sensor of an angle of rotation of CIM is transmitted through HS CAN tire to the EPS control unit. Because of big power consumption the hydraulic pump is not put in action while the engine does not work. If during a trip there is a failure of the generator of alternating current, the hydraulic pump is switched off that protect the rechargeable battery from the category.