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5.2.6. Check of tightness of the power steering

Open collars on casings and shift casings towards the steering mechanism.
Start the engine.

You carry out this inspection not longer 5 with, otherwise the hydraulic system pump can be damaged.

Turn a steering wheel against the stop and detain it for some time in such situation. At the same time pressure rises to the highest value.
Check the following elements for tightness:
– a sealing ring of a gear wheel on the case of the valve of the steering mechanism;
– all accessions of hoses;
– sealing rings of a gear lath.
Turn a steering wheel against the stop in other party, detain for some time in this situation and repeat check.
Put into place casings and fix them by collars.

If there is an oil in the case of the steering mechanism and/or in protective covers, replace the steering mechanism.