5.2.7. Check of level of working liquid of the hydraulic booster

Establish car wheels in situation directly. If working liquid in a hydraulic system cooled down, the engine should not be launched. You can carry out an inspection and cold oil.
The tank of a hydraulic system of steering is located behind in a motor compartment. Check level by means of the index on a cover. Turn off a cover, wipe with a pure rag a core of the index and densely screw into place. Again turn off a cover: level has to be 2 mm lower or higher than a tag of "MIN".
If the working temperature of liquid makes 50 °C, measure level in the same way. Level has to be between tags "MIN" and "MOVE".
If level is higher normal, then it is necessary to select liquid. If it is lower than norm, check system for tightness or add working liquid.