6.3.2. Removal and installation of forward brake hoses

Fill up a tank of a hydraulic actuator of the brake system to a tag of "MAX" and close by means of the special MKM-558-10 tool.
Remove a forward wheel.
Turn off a bolt like "banjo" (3) from a brake support.

Collect the following brake fluid and close an opening.

Disconnect a clamping level and the union of a tube of the brake system (1) from a brake hose.
Remove a brake hose from fastening.

Attach a brake hose to a support a bolt like "banjo" with new sealing rings and tighten the moment 40 N · m.
Attach a tube of the brake system to a brake hose and tighten the moment 14 N · m.

Establish a brake hose for the IDS+ chassis. Write down the assembly size (I) of a protector (the shooter in the drawing).

Assembly size (I): 53 mm.

Make sure that the brake hose is not overwound at installation.

Establish a brake hose in an arm and pull a clamping level.
Fix a plait of wires of the sensor installed on a car wheel in a clip.
Establish a forward wheel and tighten the moment 110 N · m.
Remove air from the brake system and check tightness.
Modify the level of brake fluid so that it was at a tag of "MAX".