6.3.4. Removal and installation of an overlay of brake shoes of a forward wheel

All slips brake shoes of one axis have to be replaced.

Remove 2 forward wheels.
Remove the sensor of an overlay of a brake shoe from an internal overlay of a brake shoe if is available.
Remove the fixing lever spring from a brake support the screw-driver.
Remove dustproof caps of protective plugs of the directing bolts.
Turn off the directing bolts of a brake support.
Remove a brake support from a guide of blocks.
Remove an external slip brake blocks from a brake support and an internal overlay of a brake shoe with the holding collar from pistons.
Check overlays of brake shoes and brake disks.
Clear directing (arrows) in the soft metal brush directing blocks.
Cover guides with protivoskripny structure.
Drown the piston inside.

Level of brake fluid in a tank of a hydraulic actuator of the brake system increases. In case of need, pump out brake fluid a pear. If the brake support escapes or the protective cover on a brake support is damaged: repair the brake mechanism.

Install an internal slip brake blocks in the piston and fix by the holding collar.

At installation of overlays of brake shoes, track that shooters on a back surface of a slip specified in the direction of rotation of a brake disk at the movement of the car forward.

Establish an external overlay of a brake shoe in a brake support.
Establish a brake support on a guide of blocks with blocks.

Make sure that the brake hose is not overwound.

Attach a brake support to a guide of blocks and tighten the moment 28 N · m.
Establish dustproof caps.
Establish the fixing spring to a support.
Attach the sensor of wear of an overlay of a brake shoe to an internal overlay of a brake shoe if is available.
Establish forward wheels and tighten the moment 110 N · m.
Several times press a brake pedal.
Fill up brake fluid to a tag of "MAX".