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6.3.5. Removal and installation of the protection cover of a brake of a forward wheel

Remove a forward wheel.
Remove a brake disk.
Turn off a wheel shaft nut.
Hold a wheel nave with a key of KM-468-B.
Disconnect the socket of a plait of wires of the sensor installed on a car wheel.
Disconnect the wheel bearing module, having turned off 3 bolts of fastening.
Turn off 3 bolts.
Disconnect the wheel bearing module with the protection cover from a rotary fist and a shaft of a wheel.

Note adjusting position of the module of the bearing of a wheel and the protection cover.

Remove the protection cover from the wheel bearing module.

Attach the wheel bearing module.
Install the protection cover on the wheel bearing module.
Establish мдуль the wheel bearing with the protection cover on a shaft of a wheel and a rotary fist.

Note adjusting situation. Wrap 3 new bolts and tighten the moment 90 N · m tighten on + 30 ° and + 15 °.

Clear a carving and establish bolts with the fixing structure.

Connect the socket of a plait of wires of the sensor installed on a car wheel.
Fix a wheel shaft on a wheel nave by a new nut, tighten the moment 150 N · m, turn off on 45 °, then tighten the moment 250 N · m.
Hold a wheel nave by means of the special KM-468-B tool.
Establish a brake disk.
Establish a forward wheel and tighten the moment 110 N · m.