6.3.6. Replacement of a brake disk of a forward wheel

Generally, always replace both brake disks on one axis.

Remove a forward wheel.
Release a brake hose from fastening on a spring rack.
Disconnect a clamping level of a brake hose.
Extend a brake hose from fastening.
Disconnect bolts of fastening of a guide of blocks from a rotary fist.
Remove a brake support from a guide of blocks and suspend it on a spring rack.
Turn off tightening a bolt.
Remove a brake disk.

Clear the interfaced surfaces of a brake disk and a nave of a wheel.

Make sure that the surfaces of contact are not deformed and have no zadir.

Attach a brake disk to a nave of a forward wheel the screw tighten the moment 7 N · m.
Attach a guide of blocks to a rotary fist with a brake support and overlays of brake shoes tighten the moment 100 N · m.

Clear a carving and establish bolts with the fixing structure.

Attach a brake hose to a spring rack.
Attach a brake hose to fastening.
Establish a clamping level.
Establish 2 forward wheels and tighten the moment 110 N · m.