6.4.3. Instruction for repair of PBS (protivobuksovochny system)

The Protivobuksovochny system is delivered only with ABS 5.3/PBS, ABS 8.0 CCD and the Z 18 XE engine. The most important input parameter of PBS is the signal of a speedometer of the ABS wheel sensor.
The passable way pays off from the speed of a wheel and outer diameter of the tire. It means that outer diameters of tires excellent from each other, for example, worn-out tires on the back bridge and new tires on the forward bridge can submit incorrect information on the instant speed of the car. For elimination of this undesirable phenomenon in the ABS control unit automatic adjustment of tires is carried out. Such selection takes some time. In this period it is impossible to receive the correct coupling of PBS.
Adjustment of tires can be executed in the way described below.
All tires are pumped up on the correct pressure of air – look in the corresponding maintenance instruction or on graphics of servicing. about the Car disperses at a speed from 100 to 120 km/h. about Then the car continues the movement on a straight line on inertia, without the pressed accelerator pedal or a brake until speed decreases to 70 km/h.
Such procedure repeats 5 times, full adjustment of tires anyway is guaranteed after that.
Power or torque of the engine is automatically regulated in such a way that within physical borders optimum stability at the movement is always provided, draft force coupling of brakes. Adjustment is carried out by the corresponding electronic controller of the engine by means of contact in a control system of the engine.
Coupling of PBS is shown by means of a blinking of a control lamp 1 on the dashboard. Deceleration of power of the engine is also found out that the engine does not react habitually to pressing of the accelerator pedal any more.
After start of the PBS engine it is automatically ready to start. During the movement constant self-checking of system is carried out.
If the control lamp of PBS on the dashboard after inclusion of ignition does not die away in a few minutes or constantly lights up during the movement, in PBS a malfunction. PBS in this case does not work.