7.2.1. Check and adjustment of headlights, external lighting, lamp of salon, switch of headlights

Lines of control 76/756 EWG or ECE-R48 include check and adjustment of headlights of the car. The correct adjustment of headlights of the car has to provide the best lighting of the road with passing beam at the smallest dazzle of counter transport. At the same time the inclination of light bunches of headlights to a flat surface and their direction to the vertical longitudinal central plane of the car has to correspond to the conditions provided in lines of control.
Dazzle (passing beam) is considered eliminated if intensity of lighting at distance of 25 m from each separate headlight on the plane, vertical in relation to a roadbed, and at height of headlights above, does not exceed 1 luxury. This requirement is fulfilled if adjustment of headlights happens according to the instruction for adjustment.
On the case of a forward (main) headlight or on fastening there is an adjustment of passing beam, through control 76/756 EWG or ECE-R48, indication: 1,0%.
The indication of 1,0% corresponds to the adjusting size of a headlight concerning an inclination of a beam of light. So an inclination at distance of 10 m from car headlights sostavlyaet10 cm (L0017601 and L0017602). The indicator of an inclination of a headlight of passing beam the border light darkness is considered.

The instruction for adjustment is explained by drawings.

The used reductions designate:
And – horizontal distance between centers headlights;
In – the central mark;
With – an ispytuyemy surface;
D – the occupied space;
Е – transition point;
е – the adjusting size in cm;
e = H – h = (adjusting size, forward headlights of 1,0%, e = 10 cm, fog lights of 2%, e = 20 cm).
N – height of the middle of a headlight over the occupied space;
H – border height light darkness of a headlight of passing beam over a surface on which there is a car.

Adjustment of headlights is made by means of the device for adjustment according to instructions, as shown in drawings.

The basic surface of the measuring device and car have to form a plain surface. Roughness of a surface can make ±0,5 mm/m as much as possible.
I = ±1,0 mm/m.
II = ±0,5 mm/m.
In tires of the vehicle there has to be air pressure provided by the instruction. The rejected glasses and reflectors of headlights as and the glow lamps covered with a soot have to be replaced before adjustment.
Adjustment is carried out with own mass of the car with one person or freight of 75 kg on sitting of the driver. (Own mass of the car = the mass of the car ready for operation with the full fuel tank and mass of all details of equipment which are taking part in operation of the car, for example, a spare wheel, tools, a jack, the first-aid kit, a precautionary triangle, etc.).
In cars with manual adjustment of a road gleam it is necessary establish the ordered main pressure (0,8 bars with own mass of the car).
At manual adjustment of a road gleam it is necessary include ignition and install light switch block regulator on "0".
The point of intersection of the horizontal and ascending part of border light darkness (a transition point) has to be on the perpendicular line which passes through the central mark.
To facilitate calculation of the mentioned point of intersection, it is possible to close several times alternately and again open a half of a headlight.
The used devices of adjustment of headlights have to correspond to the existing lines of control and it is necessary to follow the operation manual from the producer.
Regular check of the device of adjustment of headlights has to be initiated by customer service of the producer.
The device of adjustment of headlights is adjusted according to the instruction of the producer and is installed at an inclination in 1,0% for passing beam or 2% of an inclination for forward fog lights.
According to the directive 76/756 EWG of the line 15 ° for passing beam on the screen of measurement is not present (the drawing shows installation for right-hand traffic). The direction of adjustment can be executed also by means of devices of adjustment of headlights which show the line 15 ° on the measurement screen.
The middle of a light bunch of driving beam has to settle down in restrictive corners at the central mark (drawing) for headlights with a possibility of installation of near and far light.
1 – adjustment of height;
2 – adjustment of the direction.
Headlights should be established on the screen for adjustment of headlights which corresponds to instructions or by means of the device for adjustment of headlights.

Adjustment of height
The border has to pass light darkness from an adjusting cross hairs horizontally across the adjusting line at the left.

Adjustment of the direction
The border has to pass light darkness on the left side horizontally to an adjusting cross hairs and from here at an angle about 15 ° to the right up. The inclination of a beam of light makes 1,0% for 10 m.
At first it is necessary to execute adjustment of height, then adjustment of the direction. After adjustment of the direction it is necessary to double-check adjustment of height.