9.19. Scheme No. 18: distribution of tension

A15 – the module of control of the body equipment.
F18 – a safety lock.
F3 – a safety lock.
F19 – a safety lock.
F9 – a safety lock.
F34 – a safety lock.
F10 – a safety lock.
F45 – a safety lock.
F11 – a safety lock.
F46 – a safety lock.
F12 – a safety lock.
F47 – a safety lock.
F13 – a safety lock.
F49 – a safety lock.
F14 – a safety lock.
F50 – a safety lock.
F15 – a safety lock.
F51 – a safety lock.
F16 – a safety lock.
K72 – the relay – a conclusion 15a.
F17 – a safety lock.
X1 – the dashboard and a forward part of a body.
X14 – a forward part of a body and a back part of a body, left.
X11 – a forward part of a body and the fan.
X46 – a forward part of a body and the module of control of the body equipment.
30 – 12 volts.
HZG – heating.
ABS – the anti-blocking brake system.
IMO – an immobilizer.
AC – the conditioner.
INS – devices.
ASP – an external mirror.
IRL – the lighting lamp of salon.
BCM – the module of control of the body equipment.
LSL – a lamp for reading – back.
CRP – automobile phone.
LSW – the lighting switch.
D – diesel.
MTA – the mechanical transmission with automatic coupling.
DAB – broadcasting with digitization of a sound.
NAV – system of navigation.
DIAG – the diagnostic socket.
RW – a screen wiper of back glass.
DWA – system of the anticreeping alarm system.
SD – the hatch in a roof.
ECC – electronic regulation of climate.
SRA – system of washers of headlights.
EMP – radio.
TEL – phone.
EPS – steering with the electroamplifier T.
ID – the threefold information display.
ESP – electronic system of stabilization.
TIG – Tigra.
FF – a rozhkovy sound signal.
WA – windscreen washer.
FH – window regulators.
XNL – xenon headlights.
FI – gasoline.
Z10XEP – the Z10XEP engine.
FIL – heating of the fuel filter.
Z12XEP/Z14XEP – the Z12XEP/Z14XEP engine.
FL – forward lamps.
Z13DT – the Z13DT engine.
FW – a windshield screen wiper.
Z14XE – the Z14XE engine.
GID – the graphic information display.
Z16YNG – the Z16YNG engine.
HRL – a luggage carrier lamp.
Z17DTH – the Z17DTH engine.
HSH – heating of a back window.
Z18XE – the Z18XE engine.
HWS – the switch of the alarm system.
ZH – an additional heater, fuel.