2.6.5. Check of tightness of the engine (contents WITH in the cooling system)

Before the procedure of check warm up the engine up to the working temperature (oil temperature – 80 °C).

Remember that the cooling system is under pressure.

Open a cowl.
Uncover a broad tank of cooling liquid.
Slowly turning off a cover, dump pressure in system.
Check the level of cooling liquid. Add cooling liquid to COLD tag in case of need.
Establish a tester on a broad tank of cooling liquid.
Start the engine.
Check the engine for existence of leaks.

The transparent cylinder of a tester contains blue jet liquid which becomes yellow in the presence of air with the maintenance of the slightest traces of carbon monoxide. At retraction of fresh air in test liquid it is restored and again gains blue color.

Air is selected from a broad tank of cooling liquid by a rubber pear.

Cooling liquid should not get to a tester.

If blue liquid in the main camera of a tester became yellow, laying of a head of the block of cylinders or a head of the block of cylinders are untight.

Check of a tester
Liquid can be tested by an intake of gases from an exhaust pipe. In this case test liquid has to become yellow.
Disconnect a tester and carefully dump pressure.
Establish a cover of a broad tank of cooling liquid.
Close a cowl.