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9. Schemes of electric equipment

List of components and their designations
Scheme No. 1: engine Z10XEP, Motronic 7.6.1 (part 1)
Scheme No. 2: engine Z10XEP, Motronic 7.6.1 (part 2)
Scheme No. 3: engine Z12XEP, Motronic 7.6.1 (part 1)
Scheme No. 4: engine Z12XEP, Motronic 7.6.1 (part 2)
Scheme No. 5: engine Z14XEP, Motronic 7.6.1 (part 1)
Scheme No. 6: engine Z14XEP, Motronic 7.6.1 (part 2)
Scheme No. 7: fuel pump, Motronic 7.6.1
Scheme No. 8: engine Z14XE, Multec S (F) (part 1)
Scheme No. 9: engine Z14XE, Multec S (F) (part 2)
Scheme No. 10: fuel pump, Multec S (F)
Scheme No. 11: engine Z18XE, Simtec 71 (part 1)
Scheme No. 12: engine Z18XE, Simtec 71 (part 2)
Scheme No. 13: fuel pump, Simtec 71
Scheme No. 14: system cooling of the engine (Z10XEP without conditioner and ECO)
Scheme No. 15: the engine cooling system (Z10XEP/Z12XEP/Z14XEP with the conditioner)
Scheme No. 16: the engine cooling system (Z14 XE/Z18XE with the conditioner)
Scheme No. 17: system of start and charging
Scheme No. 18: distribution of tension
Scheme No. 19: the module of management body the equipment – power supply (the diagnostic socket)
Scheme No. 20: the mechanical transmission with automatic coupling (Easytronic)
Scheme No. 21: steering with the electroamplifier, system of the anticreeping alarm system
Scheme No. 22: anti-blocking brake system and regulation of traction effort (ABS 8)
Scheme No. 23: window regulators and external rear-view mirror
Scheme No. 24: central control of door locks (hatchback)
Scheme No. 25: stoplight switch, back lighting engineering (hatchback), coupling switch
Scheme No. 26: conditioner
Scheme No. 27: headlights of head light (except xenon headlights)
Scheme No. 28: fyra of head light (xenon headlights)