4.1. General information

Suspension bracket – a link between a body and wheels. Forces influencing wheels are transmitted through it on a body. The suspension bracket serves for decrease in dynamic loadings, reduction of fluctuations of a body, mitigation of blows of wheels about roughness of the road, provides stability and smoothness of the course of the car.
The forward suspension bracket consists of a rotary fist, a rack, a spring and the lever.
The lever shakes concerning a body. In the lower lever the rubber plug is used. The top end of a rack is fixed on a body and consists of the bearing allowing a wheel to turn.
The lower part of a rotary fist is fixed on the spherical hinge which is connected to the lever by means of a bolt. At service of fastening of the lever to a body and the insulator of the stabilizer from a body be convinced that fixing bolts are weakened so that the lever when swing will reach extremely top provision of amplitude of swing which is also normal situation to which the lever when the car costs on the earth moves.