3.4.3. Measurement of an inclined gap of the block of the bearing

If on the established wheel there is a notable gap, measure it, as shown below.

Remove the corresponding back wheel.
For cars with drum brake mechanisms: remove the brake drum.
Attach the special KM-468-B tool to a wheel nave.
Attach the special MKM-571-B tool, to a brake support or a board of the brake mechanism by means of the magnetic holder or an arm.
Install the sensor if the special MKM-571-B tool on an outer edge of a brake disk or the bearing of a wheel.
Check a gap lifting a little special KM-468-B tool.
Maximum admissible inclined gap: 0,1 mm.

If this value is exceeded, replace the wheel bearing.

Disconnect the special MKM-571-B tool with an arm or the magnetic holder.
Disconnect the special KM-468-B tool.
For cars with drum brake mechanisms: install the brake drum
Establish a back wheel, tighten fastening bolts the moment of 110 N · m.