2.8.4. Replacement of piston rings

Remove the piston with a rod.
Remove flat-nose pliers for a piston ring remove piston rings.
Clear ring flutes.
Clear flutes of piston rings of a compression ring of rectangular section, a conic compression ring and an oil scraper ring using the broken piston ring.
Check a gap.
Install piston rings in the cylinder.
Check a gap the probe.
Check a vertical gap of a piston ring in a flute of a piston ring the probe.
Compression ring of rectangular section.
Conic compression ring.
Oil scraper ring.
Establish piston rings.
Establish piston rings in ring flutes, special nippers.
Marking of "TOP" has to be from above.
Establish gaps of piston rings.
The first piston ring (the right ring) in situation 1.
The second piston ring in situation 4.
Intermediate ring of an oil scraper ring in situation, disks of an oil scraper ring in situation and/or 3.
Inflow on a rod has to be turned towards the transmission.