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2.8.5. Replacement of the piston with a rod

If one of these two elements has to be replaced, it is necessary to replace all knots of the block (the piston, piston rings, a piston finger and a rod) new.

Collect the directing bolt using the special KM-634-6 (1), KM-634-7 (2) and KM-634-5 (3) tools.
Install the new piston in a nest of KM-634-1 (1).

The opening of a piston finger has to settle down horizontally.

Establish KM-634-4 (3) on KM-634-1.
Tighten bolts by hand.
Reliably fix the piston, using KM-634-2 (2) that it could not be displaced.
Determine depth of a press fitting of a piston finger.
Press the knot (1) consisting of KM-634-6, KM-634-7 and KM-634-5 in an opening of a piston finger and a rod before achievement of KM-634-7 of the central situation in the piston.
Has to be in this family way KM-634-4 (2) opposite to edge of knot (arrow).
Tighten bolts of KM-634-4.
Remove KM-634-7 from the directing bolt and replace with the new (oiled) piston finger.
Heat a new rod in the top part a heating plate.
Put the top head of a rod on a heating plate.
Reduce losses of heat by means of a fire-resistant brick.
Installation temperature: from 280 °C to 320 °C

Repeated machining of a rod is impossible because it has no balancing hairpins.
Observe the correct arrangement of adaptation.
Inflow on a rod has to be opposite to an arrow on the piston bottom.

Establish the piston bottom on the piston with a rod.

The got stuck piston cannot be pressed – expedite installation.

Press the knot consisting of KM-634-6, a piston finger and KM-634-5 smoothly and without delay through an opening of a piston finger and a rod of an emphasis in KM-634-4.
Disconnect KM-634-5 and KM-634-6 from the right and left sides of a piston finger.