3.3.3. Main transfer

The transmission will transform torque of the engine which is transmitted through small and big gear wheels of the main transfer further. The big gear wheel is fixed in the case of the main transfer. Power shafts connect the main transfer to half shafts of wheels. The main transfer together with the transmission is mounted in one case.
In the same place four conic gear wheels (differential) connected with each other, two of which are connected to power (cardan) shafts which in turn transfer torque to driving wheels of the car, are established. The hinges of equal angular speeds (tripod type) installed on shaft provide transfer of necessary torque at the changing tilt angles of shaft.
During the rectilinear movement on ideally plain surface both wheels have the identical speed of rotation equal to the speed of rotation of the main transfer. The differential rotates with a similar speed, and conic gear wheels are at rest. At turn or arrival on roughness one of wheels passes bigger distance, than another. In this case the differential which distributes torque between wheels and allows the conducted shaft to rotate with unequal angular speeds comes into effect.