7.2.2. Adjustment of fog lights

To check/correct air pressure in tires. Regulation is carried out with own mass of the car with one person or freight of 75 kg on sitting of the driver. See also working process "Check and adjustment of headlights".
It is possible to adjust fog lights by means of an adjusting bolt of fastening 1 on the upper bound light darkness with use of the device for adjustment. The border passes light darkness at the same time horizontally along the adjusting line.
The inclination of fog lights makes 20 cm by 10 m (corresponds to an inclination of a beam of light of 2%).
Removal and installation of headlights
Dismantle a forward covering.
Dismantle headlights.
Unblock and disconnect the socket of a plait of wires, unscrew the screw (shooters).

Establish headlights.
Connect the socket of a plait of wires, tighten the screw.
Establish a forward covering.
Adjust headlights.