1.2.11. A folding sliding roof with the electric drive (Limousine)

Hold pressed a key still folding sliding roof will not open.

To hold pressed a key until the folding sliding roof is not closed.

Release the switch as soon as the roof reaches final situation.

Management of a roof is allowed at a speed only to 120 km/h.
Do not open the roof covered with hoarfrost, ice or snow.
When using a luggage carrier on a roof check a stock of the course of a folding sliding roof with the electric drive to prevent damage of a roof.

At malfunction check the corresponding safety lock in a box of safety locks. Manual control in case of violation of power supply: the screw-driver inserted into a side cut unsnap and remove the glass lens of the lamp of salon.
Insert the screw-driver in the field of clips, release and pull out a lamp insert.
Unscrew both screws of a cover of the drive and remove it in the direction of an arrow.
Insert the emergency key lying in a forward ware box into the drive of a folding sliding roof and rotate until the roof is not closed.